Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics

Setting the Foundation

S in Steam is for Science


T in Steam is for Technology


E in Steam is for Engineering


A in Steam is for Arts


M in Steam is for Mathematics


Early education for STEAM involves preparing and building a strong foundation for future learning.  This is accomplished by exploring STEAM preschool skills and concepts through play and discussion.

In setting up young children’s foundation for STEAM, elements of  the topic area are incorporated into the play and discussion.

Play involving investigation and answering questions, or even experimentation lead to the skills eventually needed for Science.

Utilizing crayons, rulers, microsopes and computers lead to skills in Technology.

Identifying problems and testing solutions are an essential part of the Engineering field.

When children are encouraged to be creative and to illustrate concepts they are learning, the are learning about the Arts.

Playing with patterns, shapes and dealing with numbers, organization skills, etc lead to developing skills for Mathematics.

Introducing children to play activities at a young age will introduce children to new skills and concepts that are transferable and useful across many aspects in their live.  These skills may form the foundation for future learning.  For example, learning to make observations, hypothesizing, and critical thinking are basic skills for math and science which can lead to technology and engineering in later life.

Exploring STEAM in an integrated way through play and discussion may be much more effective than limiting learning to a single subject at certain times of the day.  It makes learning new skills and concepts fun and natural.